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Whores of Dublin
My personal favorite video - created with 12 minutes of footage
An original song in the style of Irish folk music
This is inot a satire of Celtic Woman or any of their performers but
I would LOVE to see them perform something like'll never happen
Written and performed on my mac in garage band, shot in the Cloisters here in Manhattan
  Miss California
Satire of Miss Carrie Prejean, Former Miss California
  Michele Bachmann - Swine Flu
One of my biggest "Hits" on Huffington Post
Satire of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota
  Nadya Suleman - The Octo Mom
My biggest hit on youtube for what that is worth
Written by Juliet Jeske and Jen Kwok
Featuring Juliet Jeske and Jen Kwok
Voting for Vaginas
Brenda Jean Foley
Jen Kwok
Lynn Craig
Juliet Jeske
Before I knew how to manipulate a green screen or to properly light video!
The Velvet Pocket Band
Vocals - Juliet Jeske
Bass - Larry Cook
Piano - Leo Volf
Drums - Shane Kerwin
Original Song - Man Whore
Stand-up Comedy - Whore Score