Press for "Princess Sunshine's Bitter Pill of Truth Funhouse "- NY International Fringe Festival

Time Out New York

"Critic's Pick, Four Stars"

OffOff Online

"A nouvelle vaudeville for the nark set, this adorable confection features a small,

talented cast of performers who sing, mug and clown their way into audience members hearts."
Lauren Synder

"A hilarious, hour-long ride into a world of magical black comedy that is entertaining from start to finish. Go see it!" Daniel Kelley

"Versatile and vivacious, she takes on several other characters, too. A sense of goofy glee that never overplays or oversells. I'm impressed with his talent. This Princess and her pals are royally entertain in the kingdom of sarcasm" Rob Lester

"A creation of Juliet Jeske (script, songs, costumes, set), is a piece of Agitprop Theatre that skewers contemporary political and sexual targets with accuracy of a Robin Hood. This is top level satire and deserves the widest of audiences, Mr. Comedy Central --check it out!"

Richmond Shepard

"Juliet's Jeske's command of an audience (and an accordion) is a pleasure to witness. Cabaret meets The Wiggles

in this sassy showcase, and the combo delivers mischievous laughs"
Betsy Winchester

©2012 Juliet Jeske