Without a doubt, sod is much more expensive when compared to grass seed. For those who don’t know, sod is a roll of pre-grown grass. If it is expensive, why do most homeowners prefer sod? Well, sod provides advantages that sometimes outweigh the extra cost. Right ground preparation is needed whether you choose grass seed or sod. The main advantage of sod is more obvious after the installation process.  

It will help you figure out if the cost is a well worth investment to establish your lawn if you know the value of the benefits of sod.  

Today, we are going to share with you several benefits of using sod for your lawn. 

Soil Protection 

Grass seeds stay on top of the soil. This leaves them vulnerable to the wind. Aside from that, the soil is more likely to blow away until the seeds germinate and extensive growth of grass is established. Since sod is a thick layer of pre-grown grass, it completely covers the soil. This helps the soil stay in place. Furthermore, the covered soil means you will carry less mud and dirt into your home when walking throughout your lawn. 

Faster Use 

Since the grass is grown already, a sodded lawn is ready for use faster compared to a seeded yard. The young grass blades that grow from seeds are vulnerable to damage. They are fragile. It might lead to dead grass or trampled grass if you walk on the lawn and use it for routine activities such as entertaining or playing. Sod has a head start in growth. Typically, the roots become established in the yard in 2-4 weeks. Though light activity is still best in the first 4-6 weeks, in general, sod is ready for use sooner compared to a seeded yard.  

Less Irrigation 

Sod needs less maintenance compared to grass seed after installed. Sod requires routine irrigation to keep it wet until it becomes established firmly. However, usually, the sod will not dry out as fast as a grass-seeded lawn. A seeded yard often requires more than 4 watering sessions every day to keep the ground wet. This depends on weather conditions. Typically, sod only requires watering 2 times a day. You will save on water and lower your workload in caring for the new grass since sod requires less irrigation. 

Instant Lawn 

You can transform your bare patch of ground into a green lawn right away after you install sod patches. You get the immediate gratification of having a grass-covered lawn. A lawn that is seeded needs a couple of days or weeks before the grass can grow. As the grass slowly grows, your lawn will appear patchy. A seed-planted yard is sometimes covered with particular materials, such as straw, to protect the seeds. This leaves the yard looking unappealing. Sod is a great alternative if you do not have the time or patience to wait for a green lawn grown from grass seeds. Of course, the choice will greatly depend on your needs and budget.