Whether you are moving out because your lease just ended or because you want to sell your property, cleaning is a vital part of the moveout process. If you are renting, the cleaning process is important when getting a deposit back, and often the cleaning process is a given as the majority of owners want their tenants to leave the place the same as when they moved in.   

Any hard or huge task can be made easily doable through the help of a checklist. And, when it comes to cleaning when moving out, the same rule applies.  

The length of your checklist often depends on how clean the property already is or how huge it is in size. Below is a checklist we provide for those who are beginners in moving out.   

  1. Remove personal belongings 

Moving out starts with removing any personal belongings in the property you are leaving behind This helps in helping the next homeowners to start fresh and start cleaning when they are moving in. just as you want to move into a clean home, do this step to do the same to the next tenants or owners of the place you are leaving behind.   

  1. Vacuum the floors and other areas in the house 

Giving the place a vacuum can help eliminate any dust or dirt that appeared when you removed the couch or any other furniture you are bringing with you. This will help keep the floors clean and easier to mop or wipe after removing all the dust. Don’t forget to vacuum other areas in the home that needs it too.   

  1. Wipe surfaces clean 

The floor probably is not the only space that needs some dusting off. Grab a towel and a spray of all-purpose cleaner to keep surfaces clean to the touch. This can be done with windows, fireplace mantles, shelves, and other surfaces that need cleaning. You can also include the inside and outside parts of your cabinets or other storage areas.   

  1. Scrub your bathroom and kitchen clean 

Other areas that need a lot of cleaning are your bathroom and kitchen. These areas need a lot of scrubbing. Make sure you clean the stovetop and other surfaces that need cleaning in the kitchen and that you scrub the bathroom floors clean. For the extra effort, you can also disinfect these areas.   

  1. Do a bit of wall repair 

The walls in your home can have unnecessary screws around. Make sure you remove any screws that are unused to make space for the new owners. For sure, these screws can leave behind holes, making walls not tidy to look at. Fill the holes to patch the walls and make sure to paint if necessary. This will make the walls look new again.   

  1. Mop or wipe the floors clean 

After all the tidying, your floors will require your attention too. Grab a mop and wipe away any extra dust accumulated on the floor. Also, this is the time that your tiles will look clean too. If you don’t have a cleaning solution with you, you can easily make your own by combining baking soda and vinegar. This is a solution that will surely bust off any stains on your floor.  

Moving out can sometimes be made in a hurry. That’s why some can find these cleaning steps overwhelming to include in their schedules. However, cleaning services have provided a way for movers to proceed with their next adventure with ease. Move out cleaning service Arlington provides you the same convenience. You can quickly get a hold of the services they offer by visiting their website.