Juliet Jeske - About



I have been performing since childhood, having appeared in numerous plays in Chicago and New York.


Most recently I was featured in the Drama Desk Award nominated "Cut to the Chase" produced by Parallel Exit,


Onstage I have done everything from opera, musical comedy and non-musical roles, children's theater,


sketch comedy and solo performance.


In addition to performing I have also worked as a costume designer for several Off Off Broadway productions.

  I am a self taught seamstress and designer, a habit I picked up out of frugality and for the love of costumes.
  I Recently directed comedian Jen Kwok's solo show as part of Ant Fest at Ars Nova



I wrote and produced my first script, "Franz & Zelda's Happy Time Cabaret Hour" at age 27.


The following year I wrote and produced "Zelda Darling's Super Happy Fun Show". But the show that is closest to my heart


would be my 2007 New York International Fringe Festival entry, "Princess Sunshine's Bitter Pill of Truth Funhouse"

  All of the content in my videos is written either by myself or in collaboration with another comedian.
  My first ever written submission to the Huffington Post "Dating After Divorce in a City of Sluts" became an international
  phenomenom. Now a regular contributor to the Huffington Post I have since acquired representation and am currently working on
  a memoir about being married to a gay clown. I blog about a lot of things but mainly divorce, dating and depression
  some of my personal favorite posts
  Dating After Divorce - The Dick Pic
  Dating After Divorce - Why It is so Difficult in your late Thirties
  The Myth of the Magic Vagina
  Life After Divorce - The emotional prism
  My Ex-husband the Clown
  Why I can't get over it and be Happy - Depression is an Illness
  Dating After Divorce in a City of Sluts - Huffington Post
  Life After Divorce: Dealing with Loneliness
  Divorced After Being a Straight Spouse Two Years Later
  I perform as one of nine different characters as an emcee in variety and burlesque
  I have also worked with the political sketch comedy group, Turn Left and was featured
  as Hillary Clinton in other latest film, "Turn Left at Pennsylvania Ave".
  I have also studied improvisation at the Annoyance Theater in Chicago, IL and the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York city.
  You can sometimes see me impersonating various politicians or political pundits with Laughing Liberally at The Tank.
  I perform stand-up in several venues around the city usually with my ukulele. Basically I will perform at almost any stage
  that will have me.
  On Camera
  I have created and produced several video shorts and I am a frequent video blogger at
  The Huffington Post. One of my parodies of Octo-Mom, Nadya Suleman was featured in CNN's the Situation Room
  I was also featured in the SEIU sponsored web series haarm.org produced and written by
  Laughing Liberally NY which included Lee Camp, Katie Halper, Justin Krebs and Negin Farsad.
  Over the years I have worked on several independent and industrial films and I am a proud
  member of AFTRA and SAG
  Burlesque and Variety
  Around New York I hosts various Burlesque and Variety Shows and up until recently produced two of my own,
  "Wham, Slam, Bam Variety Hour" and "Hard Candy Burlesque" at The Delancey in the Lower East side of Manhattan.
  I am onstage as any number of my various alter egos my most recognized being
  Princess Sunshine - The Burnt out performer for kids
  Contessa Mocha - Former European Pop Star
  Mistress U-Betcha - A Dominatrix from Minnesota
  Cutlass Supreme - The Original Minsky Girl!
  The Gloomy Goth Girl - An angry youth poet from the Upper East Side
  The 1950's Drunken Housewife - The title says it all
  Frenchie - A Lusty Frenchman
  Fraulein Shtup - The Weimar Badass
  Lovely Lonelyhearts - A chanteuse
  Poor Klown - A German Clown
  The Angry Irish Lass - She's Angry she is Irish
  Jersey Girl - A Tacky Gal from The Garden State in a Gold Jumpsuit!
  And I am constantly coming up with new ones!
  All of my characters sing and some of them play the ukulele and accordion!
  Special Skills
  I have been known to walk on three foot painter stilts for money!
I also paint children's faces, from cat to batman to mummy...you name it, I paint it.
A classically trained soprano, I have twice toured the country as a paid singer with the Cornerstone
Chorale and Brass. And for about a second I fronted a Goth/Punk band in my hometown of
St. Louis. I was terrible at music theory in college but for some reason I still work with music from writing
show tunes, children's music, satire songs, or arranging three part harmony.
I am constantly writing new songs, but most of them never see the light of the stage. Some of my more popular songs are
"Backup Plan"
"Younger Piece of Ass"
    "Man Whore"
    "If you want to F*ck a Skank" and many more
IMy father was an auto-mechanic and my mother was a French teacher. My parents had four children
and I grew up in a blue collar working class family. I was also raised in a strict Catholic household but now consider myself
Agnostic. I find especially funny when people refer to me as a member of the liberal "elite" considering my father wore a blue shirt
with his name on it to work every day and smelled of motor oil. Both of my parents were in unions and I am a huge supporter
of labor rights. Ethnically I am mostly of German decent with a splash of Irish blood thrown in for good measure.
Grew up in the heart of the Midwest and still have the accent to prove it.
Due to my ex-husband the gay clown and other craziness - I feel like my life is like a Tennessee Williams play only not as tragic.

©2012 Juliet Jeske