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Pregnancy Massage: Its Benefits 

Today, the benefits of massage in pregnant women have become more popular; however, some pregnant women still have their inhibitions even if this is the case. Here is a list of benefits to give these women a better understanding of how a massage can be beneficial.   

1. Sleep  

Pregnant women often have a problem relying on too much sleep or the opposite. When a pregnant woman has no ample amount of sleep, it may affect the baby’s health; thus, ensuring the health of a pregnant woman is very important. You can easily fix this problem by investing time in getting massage therapy specifically designed for pregnant women. This will help raise the levels of the hormones responsible for both sleepings and having an excellent mood.   

2. Cramps and other pains  

Since pregnant women always have to carry not just the weight of their bodies but also the importance of their baby, these women suffer a lot of cramps and other pain. To help manage these concerns, getting a massage is the best answer. Take note that this pain can often be beyond tolerable, and when you are pregnant, you are prohibited from certain medications. Thus massage will genuinely help manage those pains.   

3. Reduce the stress of the baby  

If you think only the mother needs some happy hormones, well, the baby does too. The baby may not be visibly seen yet and only felt; however, it also has to be healthy. Even when they are still in the tummy, the role of a massage in the babies is raising cortisol level. So, if ever you are a pregnant woman and interested in getting a massage, remember that you will not be the only person who will have a good outcome on the practice, but your unborn child will benefit from it too.   

4. Lesser birthing risks  

Pregnant women are vulnerable to any stressors, and even if the issue may not be physically harming them, it can still be an aid in an unfortunate event. Studies about massages lessening risks of birthing issues like premature birth have been found, thus trying out massages to keep your baby safe will surely benefit you long term.   

5. Lesser swelling is also common in pregnant women. This concern is rooted in the low amount of circulation and pressure on the body’s blood vessels. It is best to get a massage to ensure that the joints will not continue to swell. Through the therapy, you will help the lymph system eliminate any tissue waste that comes from the body.   

These things are beneficial. These are specifically helpful to pregnant women who have the same concerns. Given that these things will tremendously bring benefits in being pregnant, it is still essential to get advice from your doctor before proceeding with your massage therapy reservation.   

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Mother nature has never failed us and prove to us that she is everything and what we need is from food to cures are can be found in her garden. One of her wonders is terpene. Terpene is a compound often heard or linked with the plant cannabis. If you search online, you can find a lot of suggestion such as Buy terpenes, cannabis terpenes and more. Terpene is making a huge buzz in the market for its wonderful benefits.  

Some assume that terpene is unique only to cannabis. This is one common misconception and facts you did not know about terpenes. That is why we have listed down a few facts your need to know about terpenes.  


As mentioned, terpene is not unique to cannabis. All flowers and plants contain terpenes. Terpene is the compound responsible for aroma and scent. So, every time you take a whiff of eucalyptus, lavender, or other essential oils, you have to thank terpene.  


Terpenes have different types. They also have different functions. Some of the common types of terpenes are Linalool, Terpineol, Alpha Bisabolol, Camphene, Myrcene and more. Each terpene has different effects and usage and they can infuse with other essential oils.  


Terpenes have a lot of health benefits. Depending on the type, it can range from anti-inflammation, weight loss, antifungal, analgesic, antioxidant and more. Terpenes have endless curing solutions for common ailments. They can be applied topically or infused with other oils to maximize its efficacy.  


Each cannabis strain has its own type of terpene. Studies have shown that there are over 200 terpenes found in cannabis which is one of the factors that make it a very powerful plant. Terpenes also help cannabis thrive, since terpenes are responsible for scent, this attracts pollinators and helps thrive the growth of cannabis.  


Like the compound CBD or cannabidiol, terpene is non-psychoactive. It means you do not get high when you use them. Terpene is termed or used an entourage effect when using terpenes. As mentioned above is responsible for the scent and aroma you smell in cannabis and other plants.  


If you think you have not tried terpenes, you are wrong. Terpenes, can be found also in food that we eat. Just like fruits, mangoes, for example, contains the mycrene. The scent of avocados, pine tree and honey are from the compound terpene. Every lovely smell from nature is made by terpene.  


Terpenes have become so mainstream, thanks to the online community. Today you can easily search where to buy and where to find the best terpene for medical or recreational use. Aside from the fact that is already around us, you will not have a hard time extracting and isolating it for specific use.  

The study for terpenes wonders is still on going and is popularity has reached many consumers. Its efficacy is also undeniable, the benefits we reap from nature is endless. That is why you search and know more about terpene. In order to understand it uses and how you can incorporate it to your lifestyle.  

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